You must've clicked on the wrong link or something, because now you're in The Lair. No one has the attention span to maintain a personal website anymore. You youngins are just too cool for that. I am not.

I started building websites in a time before Tumblr, Instagram, and whatever other social media happens to be big at the moment. I do enjoy Tumblr and, to a far lesser extent Facebook, but for me having a centralized website to collect items from my various interests will always be a necessity. Anyway, here's a random slide show.

i found the meaning of life on a t-shirt that i almost bought
it's take a two dollar t-shirt and slap a fifty cent slogan on it
and it's worth 15, 20 whatever they can sell it for
whatever i will buy it for
whatever price they can put on the meaning of life

i found the meaning of life on a t-shirt
it was a funny little slogan
how depressing it is
to find that my life can be summed up by a 50 cent phrase
slapped on a 2 dollar t-shirt
and sold for more money than i have