You must've clicked on the wrong link or something, because now you're in The Lair. No one has the attention span to maintain a personal website anymore. You youngins are just too cool for that. I am not.

I started building websites in a time before Tumblr, Instagram, and whatever other social media happens to be big at the moment. I do enjoy Tumblr and, to a far lesser extent Facebook, but for me having a centralized website to collect items from my various interests will always be a necessity. Anyway, here's a random slide show.

Yes, I came to your show, your event, your display
I took time out of my busy day

To support the event you're putting on tonight
To make good on the RSVP, I posted on your Facebook invite

But now that I'm here, I confess the main reason I came
And I think that it's wrong we keep playing these games

So show me the table fast before I become unglued
Stop talking to me and point me toward the free food.

Maybe it's pizza, maybe sandwiches and juice
Just show me the munchies and watch me let loose

I'm not trying to be an ass, I'm just telling you the deal
You want to get me someplace fast, offer me a free meal

Any sustenance I get puts me a little bit ahead
I love you, but I'm broke as fuck and I'm trying to get fed.

Fuck money, food is the universal currency
The best thing you can offer any attendee

And if you want to see me in an ecstatic state
Send my ass home with a leftover plate

If I can get an extra meal out of this endeavor
Then I promise you, friend, I'll love you forever

If I can support your art, that means the world to me
The only thing better is finding out out you'll feed me for free