You must've clicked on the wrong link or something, because now you're in The Lair. No one has the attention span to maintain a personal website anymore. You youngins are just too cool for that. I am not.

I started building websites in a time before Tumblr, Instagram, and whatever other social media happens to be big at the moment. I do enjoy Tumblr and, to a far lesser extent Facebook, but for me having a centralized website to collect items from my various interests will always be a necessity. Anyway, here's a random slide show.

When you’re spilling your heart, spitting poems on this stage
And I’m in my seat swiftly scribbling, you might feel enraged

You might feel your performance undermined
Because I’m buried in my notebook, scribing some lines

Don’t assume I’ve rudely discounted what you’ve read
I was probably inspired by something you just said

But I can’t count on my retention to wait until I get home
My short term memory’s so shot, I barely recall starting this poem

Maybe I’m penciling a whole piece, maybe just a note
Motivated to mold words by something you wrote

Here’s the thing about me and open mics
If I don’t go to them, then I just don’t write

So I feel a little guilty, looking like I’m disregarding your work
And I know you probably think I’m a jerk

But before you berate me with dirty looks or a verbal assault
You provoked my pen, so this is your own damn fault

Screw you for having so many messages worth receiving
And arousing an idea worth having this evening

So quit complaining and take my humble thanks,
For accepting me among your talented ranks

I’ll take the penalty of my polluted image and I promise this is true
That my greatest inspirations come from poets like you