You must've clicked on the wrong link or something, because now you're in The Lair. No one has the attention span to maintain a personal website anymore. You youngins are just too cool for that. I am not.

I started building websites in a time before Tumblr, Instagram, and whatever other social media happens to be big at the moment. I do enjoy Tumblr and, to a far lesser extent Facebook, but for me having a centralized website to collect items from my various interests will always be a necessity. Anyway, here's a random slide show.

Yesterday I watched a woman I would worship
If only I believed she would hear my prayers
A prayer I would speak
In the language of whispers

Her figure spoke to me in a subtle tongue
With such a sensual smile
That the sun should hide in shame at its site
And never hear the language of whispers

She put me in a place where I had to ponder
Wonder what a guy would have to be
Before he could converse with her
In the language of whispers

A young female so fluent in this language
Could force me further into the frightening dark place I live
Just by breathing a word
In the language of whispers

I typically try to talk in this language
Only in the most fatal of my fantasies
And in these fantastic, fierce fantasies
She replies to me in wonderfully whispered words.

And I search for some sanity
In the language of whispers
Until I return to my wretched reality
And frantically scratch at my arms in frustration

I come from a place where a kiss can contain a miracle
A place where a touch tells a terrible truth
Wonderfully woven
In the language of whispers

Now every song speaks her name
Every portrait, a painful parody of my fantasy
And every movement of hers, a monument of melodies
Sung in the language of whispers

I may never know what it is about her
That holds me with such strength at such distance
Only that the depths of her eyes speak desires in fires raging and roaring
In the language of whispers